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Silver Swan Charm

Silver Swan Charm

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The swan is a beautifully shaped charm.

We have put this in the dance section as it might be a lovely gift for someone performing in the great ballet Swan Lake.

The bird measures 15mm from tip of beak to tip of tail. It weighs 2.1g.

In stock in sterling silver, available either with or without a clip on clasp.

All our silver charms can be ordered with 'Carrier Bead Charms' These are bead like attachments which allow the charm to be threaded onto a Pandora or Troll bracelet. These beads will be attached and soldered to your charm.

Our charms can be ordered with a 16" - 18" silver necklace attached, or an elastic silver bead bracelet for 'ready to wear' options.

Free returns on silver items

We also have a Small Swan Charm

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