Horse Charms

This is a range of Horse, pony, donkey and even unicorn charms.

They are all available in Sterling silver with or without a clip on clasp and in 9ct and 18ct Yellow Gold also 9ct White Gold.

Horse Charm Horse Charm
Horse Charm


This horse charm is the perfect gift for any r...

Large Pony Charm Large Pony Charm

This large pony charm will be a great addition...

Lucky Horseshoe Charm Lucky Horseshoe Charm

The Lucky Horseshoe charm pours out all the lu...

Prancing Horse Charm Prancing Horse Charm

This handsome prancing horse charm is a must f...

Rocking Horse Charm Rocking Horse Charm

A Rocking horse charm which or a flat surface ...

Small Pony Charm Small Pony Charm

This is the smaller one of our two pony charms...

Stirrup Charm Stirrup Charm
Stirrup Charm


This chunky little stirrup is a must for horse...

Unicorn Charm Unicorn Charm
Unicorn Charm


This little unicorn will bring you a whole lot...

Unicorn Charm Large Unicorn Charm Large

This mythical unicorn will bring you luck as w...



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