Collection: Engravable Charms

These charms are designed to be engraved. This is a great way to personalise your jewellery.

You may buy these pieces and have them engraved yourself or use our hand engraving service and take the hassle and the responsibility for you.

We only use hand engraving as we feel machine engraving is not permanent enough for pieces you wear often. Machine engraving can been worn away over time. Hand engraving is more permanent.

Please choose your charms and tags then choose an appropriate engraving package. You will be able to add the text you wish to have engraved in the "Special Instructions' box at checkout.

All available ready to send in Sterling Silver either with or without a clip on clasp, carrier bead, necklace or bead bracelet. Or you can choose to add you charms to one of our charm bracelets or necklaces.