Household Charms

Our household charms glamourise the mundane!

All available in Sterling silver, with or without a clip on clasp.

Made to order in 9ct Yellow, Rose and White Gold also 18ct Yellow Gold.

Bath Tub Charm Bath Tub Charm
Bath Tub Charm


This cute, little bath tub is the ideal gift f...

Besom Broomstick Charm Besom Broomstick Charm

This beautiful charm reminds us of Bedknobs an...

Cup and Saucer Charm Cup and Saucer Charm

This delightful little cup and saucer charm would make a ...

Doll's House Charm Doll's House Charm

This very elegant doll's house has an opening ...

Food mixer Charm Food mixer Charm

This Food mixer charm is a firm favourite with t...

Ironing Board Charm Ironing Board Charm

This Ironing board charm has a tiny iron resti...

Laptop computer Charm Laptop computer Charm

This laptop computer charm opens as a real one...

Rocking Chair Charm Rocking Chair Charm

Rocking Chair Charm This charm evokes memories...

Scissors Charm Scissors Charm
Scissors Charm


This gorgeous little pair of scissors actually...

Teapot Charm Teapot Charm
Teapot Charm


This beautiful little teapot opens to reveal a c...

Thimble Charm Thimble Charm
Thimble Charm


This thimble is a smaller version of one you f...



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