Bird Charms

A collection of bird charms.

All available in Sterling silver, 9ct Yellow Gold, 9ct Rose Gold, 9ct White Gold and 18ct Yellow Gold.

Silver charms are available with or without a clip on clasp.

Small Swan Charm Small Swan Charm

The swan is a beautifully shaped tiny charm. W...

Cut Out Owl Charm Cut Out Owl Charm

This is a flat charm with the features of the ...

Small Owl Charm Small Owl Charm
Small Owl Charm


This owl is the smallest of the three owls we ...

Duck Charm Duck Charm
Duck Charm


Our duck charm is quite a character for one so...

Parrot Charm Parrot Charm
Parrot Charm


The parrot charm reminding us of tropical para...

Cockerel Charm Cockerel Charm
Cockerel Charm


The cockerel charm has beautiful detail of the...

Swan Charm Swan Charm
Swan Charm


The swan is a beautifully shaped charm. We hav...

Kingfisher Charm Kingfisher Charm

This kingfisher is perched on a branch with a ...

Penguin Charm Penguin Charm
Penguin Charm


Our penguin charm is a Humboldt penguin. In st...

Woodpecker Charm Woodpecker Charm

Our woodpecker charm is pivoted so he can peck...

Puffin Charm Puffin Charm
Puffin Charm


Our lovely little puffin charm reminds us of British isla...

Blue Tit on Coconut Charm Blue Tit on Coconut Charm

The blue tit is pivoted so he can peck at the ...

Egg charm Egg charm
Egg charm


This is a beautifully, plain egg charm. A char...

Liverbird Charm Liverbird Charm
Liverbird Charm


As Perfectcharm is based on the Wirral, we hav...

Opening Egg Charm Opening Egg Charm

This is a beautiful, filigree egg charm opens ...

Owl Charm Owl Charm
Owl Charm


This plump little owl is the largest of the three owl...

Bird Box Charm Bird Box Charm
Bird Box Charm


The bird box charm is a beautiful round little...

Bird on Nest Charm Bird on Nest Charm

This bird is nestled on her clutch of eggs keeping them w...



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