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Silver Snowflake Cluster Charm

Silver Snowflake Cluster Charm

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A cluster of three snowflakes, each one is different. 'If snowflakes were kisses I would blow you a blizzard'

The charm measures 10mm, across is 1mm thick and weighs 1.5g

In stock in sterling silver, available with or without a clip on clasp.

All our silver charms can be ordered with 'Carrier Bead Charms' These are bead like attachments which allow the charm to be threaded onto a Pandora or Troll bracelet. These beads will be attached and soldered to your charm.

Our charms can be ordered with a 16" - 18" silver necklace attached, or an elastic silver bead bracelet for 'ready to wear' options.

Free returns on silver charms

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