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Silver Fingerprint Disc Pendant

Silver Fingerprint Disc Pendant

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This large disc pendant is perfect to capture the fingerprints of your loved ones. You can have one or two prints on the pendant. We use a moulding system to take the print so the result is a three 3D image of the fingerprint rather than an engraved copy. 

These pendants look stunning worn on on a necklace.

Once you have ordered this item we will send you a no mess kit to take the prints.

It is possible to write a name on the front and a sentiment or date on the back. Although if you want two prints cast in the front, the names may have to be put on the back. You can give details of these when you return the fingerprints

Once we have the prints I will start work straight away and will send the finished piece within two weeks.

If you have an idea for a similar charm please get in touch. These are handmade so we can make something just for you

18mm diameter

1.25mm thick

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