Rose Gold Revival: Tips and guidance on buying rose gold

Rose Gold Revival: Tips and guidance on buying rose gold

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There is no doubt about it, rose gold is the colour of now. Some say this is due to the influence of Zoella the famous blogger and vlogger, mentor of many a teenage girl or maybe, probably, bigger powers are at work. The rose gold Apple iphone 6 is a much desired item and a rose gold tint to ones hair has been 'the look' of the summer. But lets take it to basics rose gold is named after a metal we use in jewellery and at the moment the magpies amongst us certainly have their rose coloured spectacles on. Now doesn't that conjure up a picture!

We believe that the rich rose gold colour is timeless and is here to stay. We have making our charms in rose gold for years, not the easiest alloy to work with but that is our problem not yours. We have just made all our made to order gold charms available in this rosy metal on our website We are adding photographs of the charms as we make them, please bear with us.

We have also made our handmade fingerprint, footprint and handprint charms and pendants available in 9ct rose gold. Once you order one of these pieces you will be sent a no mess kit. On receiving you precious prints back, will hand make a model of you jewellery cast with the prints from your loved one and their name, maybe a date of birth too. Then the model will be sent to our workshop in the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter who will recast the piece in 9ct rose gold and have it Hallmarked. This makes a really special piece of bespoke jewellery to wear with pride and treasure forever.

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Our 9ct rose gold pieces are all solid rose gold, so the colour goes all the way through, no plating here. There is no such thing as pure rose gold as you know gold is gold coloured. 9ct gold is made up of a percentage of gold and in the case of rose gold copper and silver added to give the pinkish hue. All our gold charms are tested and Hallmarked at the Birmingham Assay Office so you know you are receiving the right level of gold in your jewellery.

Please beware of cheap rose gold plated jewellery. As I mentioned earlier, rose gold is difficult to work with and more expensive than standard gold. Many companies will plate their gold rather than make pieces in the solid metal. Some less reputable folk have been known to use copper sulphate to give the pinkish colour, just like you may have done in science lessons in school. The copper plating will wear off leaving blackish green marks on your clothes, or worst, on you!

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So back to our lovely rose gold charms. We are happy to add our 'made to order' charms to any of our range of necklaces and bracelets. We will solder the joints shut so that your charms are kept safe. Don't be afraid to mix your metals, rose gold looks fabulous with white and yellow gold. It is really 'on trend' to have a tricolour mix. Rose, yellow and white gold charms look amazing together.


I hope I have answered all your questions about our rose gold charms and jewellery. If you have more questions please email or call.

The future is looking rosy!


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