Memorial Jewellery -How to order charms with your loved ones prints.

This isn't a post that I ever thought I would write. In fact, memorial jewellery is something that found me, it is not something I ever decided I was going to make. But for the last eight years or so I have had the privilege to make many, many pieces of very special jewellery for lots of families.

Gold Fingerprint Disc Charm made from moulded printSilver Fingerprint Teardrop Charm made from moulded printGold Fingerprint Curvy Heart Pendant made from moulded print

I specialise in Fingerprint, Handprint and Footprint Jewellery. I hand make the jewellery in a wide range of charms, pendants and cufflinks with the special prints cast into the precious metal. Most of the jewellery I make is silver but as my family business is also a jewellery firm I can also make all this jewellery in solid gold. We can make charms in 9ct yellow gold, rose gold or white gold and 18ct Gold.

Silver Handprint and Footprint Heart Pendant

These charms and pendants are very special mementoes which can truly be treasured forever. So many people have told me that they feel great comfort wearing them and having them close.

The big question many people first ask is:

How do I take the print?

There are lots of different circumstances but I think in most cases a Funeral Director, Hospice or Hospital may be involved. These organisations my well have the materials needed to take the prints, so it may be worth asking.

If you live on the Wirral, local to me, I may well already know your funeral director, I also have a very close relationship with Claire House Children's Hospice, Alder Hey Children's Hospice and have worked previously with Arrowe Park Hospital. I have discovered, so far, that the wonderful people who will help you take the prints if required. Some may have materials to take the prints such as ink stamps or moulding compounds.

If you Funeral Director does not have the materials then please get in touch and I can send a kit that they, or you, will need to take the prints.

I would urge you to take the prints, or have taken as soon as possible to ensure good prints.

There are two ways to take fingerprints. Either using ink onto to paper to give a flat fingerprint or using moulding compounds which gives a slightly more 3d print. In general I would recommend the moulding compound method as I think it brings up more detail.

Silver Fingerprint Oval Charm from Ink PrintIf you have already taken a flat ink print then I have a slightly different method to use this to make this jewellery but I can absolutely use this to make the special fingerprint jewellery. Please see image left and look online.


I have discovered in my work that men tend to have a more defined print. I don'tSilver Fingerprint Tag Pendant from Ink Print know whether womens' prints are literally worn away doing house work or whether we have finer prints to start with. So far I have always been able to use the prints I have been sent and I do not 'make them up' but please be aware that in older people there prints might not be text book. I promise you it will be your loved ones print that you will receive cast into the jewellery.

Sometimes with young children and babies who have tiny fingers with very fine prints or older people whose prints might have worn away over the years it might be better to take a hand or footprint. Footprints might be the best or only option for very tiny babies. These prints can be taken using special wipes and photo paper. There is no mess as the liquid on the wipe only turns black where it touches the paper. I can take these hand or footprints and miniaturise them and make the into tiny stamps I can then cast these replica prints of your loved on into the silver or gold jewellery.

Silver Footprint and handprint cufflinks from Ink PrintSilver Footprint Heart Charm with Carrier Bead for Pandora braceletsSilver Handprint Token Bead Charm fits on Leather band or Pandora bracelets

I can't face the call

I thoroughly appreciate that the people who come to me with their relatives or friends prints are generally very much in shock. I speak to people in these awful circumstances very often and will make this process as easy for you as possible. If you can't face the phone call, please get in touch by email or text. I will help you either way as best I can.

Can one print be used on many pieces of jewellery?

The prints can be used over and over again if there are lots of family members who wish to have pieces made. I know that sometimes funeral costs etc.. can be a little overwhelming. I don't need to make the jewellery straight away, as long as you or I have the prints I can make the jewellery at anytime.



Once I have used the print I will keep a copy and return the original back to the family. This ensures that there are copies in two places which I hope gives piece of mind and it makes it easier if someone wishes to have further charms made.

If you would rather keep all the copies or would rather I kept all the copies, that is not a problem either. I keep all prints carefully labelled and filed. Just let me know what you would prefer.

Silver Footprint Charm with two prints on Carrier Bead for Pandora BraceletGold Handprint Star CharmSilver Tie Pin with Handprint

How quickly can this jewellery be made?

I can generally make silver fingerprint jewellery and send it back to you within a week of receiving the prints. Gold charms and pendants take two to three weeks to make as there are more processes involved and the jewellery has to be Hallmarked.

What next?

If you would like more information about having some fingerprint, footprint or handprint jewellery made with prints you already have or need materials for the prints please get in touch with me, Georgina, by phone, email or text. 

You can browse my the Print Jewellery section of my website to see the range of charms, pendants and cufflinks which I offer, but if you would like me  to design something new, I love new idea and please get in touch and I will try and bring your idea to life.

Telephone Number: 07790602885


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