Ideas for choosing a charm this Christmas

Ideas for choosing a charm this Christmas

Snowflake charm

If you have decided to buy a charm for your friend or family member this Christmas then you have already made a good choice. A charm is a small gift that will be treasured always. Although we know we should not 'look a gift horse in the mouth' we all like to be given a gift which shows the giver has put a bit of thought and consideration into what they have chosen. As the giver, I hope to help you find the perfect charm so that the recipient is both thrilled and touched by your gift.

Firstly, what do you know about the charm bracelet you are hoping the charm will be added to. It is worth doing a little bit of ground work. What metal is it? Silver or gold and if gold, which gold? It may be Yellow Gold, or Rose Gold or White Gold. If it a Yellow Gold colour you may want to check whether it is 9ct or 18ct. 9ct Yellow Gold has a mellower colour than 18ct which is a more yellow colour.

Silver charms are available with a jumpring, with a clip on clasp or can be bought alongside a Carrier Bead for Pandora or Troll style bracelets.

Then consider who you are buying for. 

A great addition to any bracelet are initials: either the wearers initials or initials of their partner, their children or grandchildren. We have a range of initials to suit everyone: Large Italic Letters, Small Italic Letters and Plainer Initial Letters. In the same vein, maybe a Disc or heart charm with the children's names and dates of birth hand engraved, would be a nice idea for the person you are buying for.

You may be buying for someone who likes to read their horoscope and they might appreciate a charm representing their star sign. Check out our Zodiac Charms.

Our Birthstone charms make a gorgeous personal gift we have hearts and stars which we set with the actual precious stone of the month you choose.

As Christmas is fast approaching maybe you would like to purchase a special Christmas Charm. The charm may be the aide to remembering this special Christmas, maybe your first together or the first one in a new home or with a new member of the family. We pride ourselves on our range of Christmas Charms.

Charms can represent a sport or a hobby, an interest or a favourite food. One of our more recent popular charms is our Food Processor Charm, as we have become a nation of bakers.

It is often the holidays we have in the year which are our favourite moments. Whether you choose a landmark like or Clifton Suspension Bridge Charm or Liverbird Charm, maybe one of our shell charms to represent the beach or our ever popular, Touring Caravan Charm. These will all be lasting mementoes reminding us of happy times, enjoying ourselves.

 If you are looking to buy charms in gold whether it be 9ct or 18ct then please order before the 12th of December so that we have time to make you charm, Hallmark it and deliver it to you beautifully gift wrapped for the big day.

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