How to personalise your charms and your charm jewellery.

How to personalise your charms and your charm jewellery.

All our charms are made in the UK and are available in Sterling Silver, 9ct Yellow Gold, 9ct White Gold, 9ct Rose Gold and 18ct Yellow Gold.

When you choose charms for a piece of jewellery the combination of charms which you choose creates a story in itself and the combination may well be unique. My family business has such a huge range of charms which we have been making over the 150 years we have been jewellers in the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter. The charms you chose to make a charm bracelet or to put on a necklace will tell a story about the wearer and this will make this charm jewellery a very personalised treasured item. 

Charm bracelet

But it is possible to make your jewellery even more unique and even more special. We have a very talented engraver who will hand engrave your charms for you. We have some charms which we engrave often which can be found in our Engraved Charm Collections. But in reality we can engrave any charm with a flat surface suitable to put your personalised engraving.

We have a beautiful little book charm which we have engraved either a favourite book title or the title of a book as a present to the author. This makes a really special gift.

Engraved Silver book Cham

We have a Mortarboard charm which is perfect to celebrate a graduation as it can be engraved with a Degree title and the year of graduation. This is an excellent way to commemorate all the hard work studying.

Engraved Mortarboard Charm

Another way to add a little extra is to add a gemstone to a charm. We have an excellent gem setter who will add precious stones to your charms. We have certain charms which we think are calling out to be set with a stone in our birthstone collections, chiefly our star and our heart charm. If you would like a gemstone set into one of our other charms please get in touch. If it can be done, we would be only too happy to make your charms that little extra bit special.

The most personal of all our jewellery is our fingerprint jewellery. I hand make fingerprint jewellery cast with the fingerprints of loved ones in my workshop on the Wirral. I visit clients and take the prints myself, if they live on the Wirral but can send an easy to use kit anywhere in the world for you to take fingerprint impressions and then send them back for me to make this very special jewellery. I have been making fingerprint jewellery since 2008. My range of jewellery is always expanding and I make necklace pendants, charms, cufflinks, key rings and tie clips.

Over the years I have realised that sometimes very little children do not have very clear prints. I have a special way in which I can take the footprints and handprints of these little children and make jewellery with the miniaturised impressions pressed in to the metal. These are not only popular with people wanting children’s prints but all ages of handprints and footprints can be used to make special pieces of very personal jewellery mementoes

As my family business has years of experience working with gold, I am able to cast my fingerprint, footprint and handprint jewellery in solid gold. These pieces are extremely special and make treasured possessions to treasure. These prints are moments in time captured forever.

If you have an idea of how you would like to make the jewellery you choose that extra bit special by adding an engraving or birthstone, please get in touch and we can consult with our experts to make these ideas become a reality.

I hope you have found this information of interest

Kind regards

Georgina Bellis


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