How to Design the Perfect Charm Bracelet

How to Design the Perfect Charm Bracelet

Charm bracelets

In my opinion the real key to designing the perfect charm bracelet is to keep it personal.

Charm bracelets can represent many things...

The most common is that the bracelet becomes a story of the wearers life. This can be started at anytime. Bracelets are often bought at a babies birth or Christening with charms such as the babies Rattle Charm, Baby Bootees Charm or the Stork and Baby Charm. These bracelets are not really worn initially, but kept somewhere safe and built upon as the little girl grows. Maybe an addition would be a Teddy Bear Charm, a Rocking Horse Charm or a Dolls House Charm as she adopts favourite toys in her younger years.

As she grows she and develops hobbies and past times, so too does the range of suitable charms. She may take up dance, where the Ballet Shoes Charm or the Ballerina Charm would be perfect.

I started a charm bracelet for my daughter when she started performing in annual dance shows. Each year I give her a charm to represent one the dances, a Zebra Charm for the Lion KIng where she wore a black and white stripey dress, a Fairy Godmother Charm when she performed to a Cinderella track.

Musical Instruments may be taken up and these too can be represented by a tiny silver or gold replica. 

Holidays and trips away can be remembered by National Symbols of the country visited. Our Scottish Thistle Charm, Welsh Love Spoon Charm or Tudor Rose Charm are all lovely additions to ones bracelet. Seashells or a Bucket and Spade Charm for a blissful Seaside break or Skis Charm or a tiny Chalet Charm for an alpine adventure.

Favourite animals are always a great to add to a treasured Charm Bracelet. Whether to depict a much loved family pet or an obsession with something wilder, from a Dachshund Dog Charm to and African Elephant Charm we have a very talented lady who have made beautiful tiny models of all these animals. It is a collection of which we are very proud. The newest charms in this collection are our Stegosaurus Charm and our Howling Wolf Charm.

Birthdays can be represented by numbers and milestones also have key charms with the number of years on the lock. This symbolises the opening of the door to a new age. Adding a birthstone to a charm is a great idea. I think we are all a little enamoured with the stone we have been designated from birth. We use real gemstones which we can set into any charm. We believe that a birthstone should be the real deal, don't you? Many of us our feel an attachment to our signs of the zodiac sign or Chinese Animal. These Zodiac Charms would be a great asset to a bracelet.

Charms are traditionally associated with luck and make a great gift before tests and exams. I gave my son a Four Leaf Clover Charm on a clip on clasp when he was about to take his 11 plus exams, he passed and has worn it on the zip inside his blazer ever since. About to take his GCSE's, let's hope it's luck will pull him through.

As we grow, other momentous occasions can be marked with charms. Engagement and Marriage are such key events and so we have lots of charms to celebrate with: Tiny Wedding Rings Charm, Ring Box Charm, Church Charms and a Wedding Cake.

All these different Charms build up a picture of the wearer. Each charm has a little story in itself. Whether you are building a bracelet for yourself or someone else. Enjoy browsing the the perfect charm. Thank you for reading.

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