How to choose the perfect charm this Valentine's Day

How to choose the perfect charm this Valentine's Day

Rose Gold Cupid Charm

To start I would just like to say that it is truly my belief that a charm is the perfect Valentine gift. Charms can be added to any necklace or bracelet, they can be slipped onto a key ring or added to a zip opener on a favourite purse.

A charm is a sentimental gift which says a great deal, without words. Our silver charms start at £11 so not a great expense but they will last much longer than any box of chocolates, bouquet of roses or bottle os scent.

Valentine Charm Bracelet

Ideas for choosing your charm.

We have a wide range of 'love inspired' charms. There are heart charms which a beautiful solid declarations of love. They look classic as they are but can also be hand engraved with a sentiment to personalise the charm further. 'My Love Always', Your name written across her heart, 'Forever Yours' are some ideas but don't feel restricted. I would always recommend hand engraving over machine engraving as this lasts forever and won't wear away.

Secret messages are always fun for Valentine's Day. I believe the mystery and excitement of a secret admirer is somewhat lost these days. Less obvious messages are quirky and fun. We have a beautiful set of Valentine Keys which have a letter at each lock which when arranged in order spell 'I Love You'. Spinner Charms are a time honoured favourite with a disc with a seemingly incomprehensible message engraved, but when you purse your lips and blow the little disc spins and you can see the 'I Love You', for your eyes only.

Cupid has long been ready with his arrow to pierce the hearts of lovers rendering them hopelessly in love forever. We have a cute little cupid charm, in stock in silver, 9ct yellow and rose gold. He would look great on any charm bracelet or popped on a necklace.

In our world where social media has become so intrinsically linked to messaging and courtship why not take a more retro approach. Veer away from the instant message and take time to write and send a love letter. There is really nothing so romantic or exciting to receive a letter from another expressing their feelings, penned by their own hand. Remember S.W.A.L.K Sealed with a loving kiss, and a lip stick kiss. Envelopes steeped in a perfume or aftershave. Maybe some of this should be left in the past but I still believe a love letter is a beautiful thing. Our Lovebird Charm signifies the sending of a letter written with love as it carries an envelope in it's beak. A sentimental valentine charm that would signify so much, remind the wearer of those precious words.

The ultimate way to personalise a charm would be to order a fingerprint charm. Your fingerprint would be cast into the charm whether it be a heart or another shape. You could add your name or leave it plain, or add a sentiment to the back. Cufflinks make a great romantic present too. Order before 28th January to avoid disappointment so there is time to: receive the kit, for you to return it and then for the charm to be made. A truly romantic gesture.


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