Charm Gift Guide 2018

If you are looking for a heart felt gift a piece of jewellery featuring  well chosen charms or a single charm can be the perfect choice.

We have a huge range of charms ranging as differently from a numerical Pi Symbol Charm to an Angel Wing Charm

A charm can be a symbol of luck or a talismen or a reminder of a special event or person. The great subtlety of with this is the story of why that charm is significant will often only be known to the giver and the recipient. 

Saying that some charms are more obvious. we have a range of initial charms which are often bought to signify the names of the wearers children. If a person has a passion for sewing or computing or gardening we have, a scissor charm, a thimble charm, a lap top computer charm, a watering can charm and a gorgeous little fork and trowel charm which would be ideal for these people and their respective hobbies.

We also have a diverse range of animal charms. Beautifully crafted dog breed charms, also wild animals and domestic animals. Our model maker is a particularly talented lady in this field and out collection is always growing.

If you are looking for something truly unique I make hand made fingerprint, footprint and handprint charms, pendants and cufflinks. These are made with the real prints of children and family members. I can send a kit in the post or if you live on the Wirral we can arrange to meet up. I then cast the print in sterling silver or 9ct gold to make a piece that will be treasured forever.

The benefit of ordering from Perfectcharm is that we have over 150 years of experience and heritage behind us. We are not going to suddenly disappear and we will always be happy to help if you have issues with the jewellery you have purchased. We make all our charm ourselves and we stand by their excellent quality but if something does break or bend or just need some TLC we can provide a no quibble service to rectify the situation to your absolute satisfaction. 

Also if you buy charm bracelets from us you can always send them back to have charms soldered on in the future. We are always happy to help.

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