Charm Gift Guide 2016

Charm Gift Guide 2016


Santa Charm in Silver and gold

When you are looking to buy a charm at Christmas there are lots of different issues to bear in mind.

My top tip is to buy early. There are many different types of charms available and they come in different sizes and varieties. Although we give as much information as possible about our products it is only when it is sat in your hand that you really can understand the scale of what you are buying. We offer a free returns policy on all our silver charms and completely understand when you decide the charm you have bought is not quite what you are hoping for.

Silver Fairy Charm

Lots of people collect specific types of charms. I would call the type of charm I sell a traditional charm. Many of the charms we make and sell new today are exactly the same as the charms we made in the 50s and 60s which would be called vintage today. In comparison we also have brand new charms which are coming out all the time at the request of our customers.

Gold Christmas Tree Charm

Our gold charms are available in 9ct yellow, white and rose gold and also 18ct gold. With the range of charms we have we can't keep them all in stock so we make them to order. This is another good reason to order ahead. We typically take two weeks to make our charms and in the busy Christmas period this can sometimes stretch to three weeks so ordering in October or November is a great idea. We always do get those last minute orders the week before Christmas and we have often been able to make one or two late ordered gold charms in time, but if everyone leaves it late, we wouldn't be able to cope.

Three Ships Boat Charms

Charms make great gifts to post to people who live along way away. A carefully chosen charm can mean so much but because they are small and light, they are easy and cost efficient to send. Even if you want to use and insured service to send a gold charm, insured postage within the UK is only £6.45 and abroad it tends to cost about £10 for an insured, tracked parcel. Make it easier for yourself and we will send the parcel for you with a special message. Everyone knows the best gifts come in small packages.

White Gold and Yellow Gold Snowflake Charms

Many customers have a tradition to send a relative or friend a charm each year to add to a charm bracelet. This is a lovely idea. It is good to keep a note of which charms you have previously bought. I did have one customer buy White Gold Gypsy Caravan charms two years consecutively. I shouldn't have been surprised when in January I received a call asking whether they could send the second one back for a refund. I should have guessed the mistake, I thought they must be a family with Romany connections.

Christmas Charm Bracelet

At Perfectcharm we do offer a service where we will solder on any of our charms on to our charm bracelets which you have previously bought from us. You could send the charm bracelet back ahead of Christmas, have a new charm added and then when it is opened on Christmas day the bracelet and the new charm can be worn straight away. 

Father Christmas Charm silver

We have a lovely range of charms which are specifically designed with Christmas in mind. Our Santa Charm and Father Christmas Charm who has a sack which opens to reveal a tiny teddy bear charm are examples of this. Ideal for someone who has a special charm bracelet which they wear at Christmas time or to remember a special Christmas, maybe their first Christmas. We have a Christmas Cracker Charm, a Christmas Stocking Charm and a Christmas Tree Charm, these are all available in silver and gold. They can also be bought in silver with a clip on clasp so they they can be clipped on to a bracelet, necklace, pen drive, anything really.

Cluster of Snowflakes Charm White Gold

To celebrate the time of year we have two different snowflake charms: a single Snowflake Charm and a Cluster of Snowflakes charm which has three different shaped snowflakes held together with a ring. These are lovely winter charms which capture the magic of the first flakes of snow of winter.

Mistletoe Charm

Last year we had a special request from a customer who lives in France. He lives in the country there where the trees are full of mistletoe. He commissioned a very special Mistletoe Charm for his wife for a present for Christmas. Fortunately we have made a model and now can make this lovely delicate charm for you in any metal.

Gold Star Charm

I think our Star Charm, Angel Charm and Angel Wing Charm can be specially symbolic at Christmas. These heavenly charms can be thought of as messengers telling the world about the birth of Christ but also are often thought of as symbols of those who may no longer be with us. At Christmas which is a time of great joy, it is sometimes nice to share some symbolism and add to a charm bracelet as a sign of a family member or friend who might have passed away during the year.

Angel Wing Charm

Sorry to bring down the mood. Christmas is a time of great excitement and fun also great extravagance. If you are looking to give a gift which might not cost a great deal but that will be kept and loved forever, consider a charm. A charm is for life not just for Christmas!!!

Christmas Fairy Charm 


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