Stocking Filler Charms for Christmas

Stocking Filler Charms for Christmas

Christmas charm bracelet

I am taking a break from my workshop to share some ideas about charms at Christmas. This really is my busiest time of the year.

Charms are the perfect stocking filler. For a start they actually fit into the smallest of socks. If you have a little girl in your life, or even not such a 'little' girl, and you are stuck each year for what to buy... a charm bracelet is the best investment. Each year you can add a charm which reflects on an aspect of the year that has passed. The charm bracelet grows and tells a story it is a very sweet way to store memories. Of course Christmas day is the best occasion to wear the bracelet too!

Christmas Cracker Charm

If you enjoy making Christmas day the perfect occasion, with lots of special surprises then why not personalise your Christmas crackers. You could go the whole hog and make your own from scratch or if like me, you find that too much, cheat! I buy pretty, inexpensive crackers from my favourite German supermarket and carefully snip the ribbons which hold it together. Carefully remove or just add to the presents. A specially chosen charm for each guest in a pretty organza bag is the perfect addition. You will find a charm to suit everyone, men and women alike. The men could pop theirs on a key ring or attach it to a memory stick.

Fancy bringing a bit of Victorian excitement to your Christmas dinner? Instead of adding a silver sovereign to your pudding, add a charm!

I would choose a flattish charm like a snowflake or a star. Wrap it into a little parcel of greaseproof paper. It doesn't matter whether you have made your own pudding or whether it is shop bought. Use a sharp knife to cut a slit into the base of the pud and push the parcel in. The greaseproof and the silver or gold charm will be fine however you cook your pudding. When you serve, someone in your party will be lucky enough to find the charm in their portion. It is important to warn your guests beforehand, no one wants to be calling on their dentist the day after boxing day!

If your house is anything like mine, there will be an array of glasses empty and half full on each and every surface by the time the Queen starts her speech. Try and manage this by attaching a different Christmas charm to the stem of each glass beforehand. Use pretty festive ribbon or earring sleepers. This will hopefully help everyone hang onto their own glass during the day and will add an extra sparkle to the proceedings too!


I hope you have enjoyed reading these Christmassy ideas. If you have any further ways you incorporate charms into your festivities I would love to hear about them. Merry Christmas!!

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