Building a Charm Bracelet

Building a Charm Bracelet

Of course you can start building a charm bracelet at anytime. Choose a bracelet and then start adding charms relevant to you.


It is a lovely idea to start building a bracelet for a little girl, well before she is old enough to wear it. You could start it from her birth, Christening, or first birthday.

We have lots of lovely charms to start with. The Rattle Charm is one of my favourites as it is a beautiful charm with a silver ball inside that literally rattles. The Stork and Baby Charm is a traditional sign of birth or you could chose the Pram or Crib Charms which both open to reveal babies inside.

For Christenings there it the lovely Holy Book or Bible Charm. This opens with a page inside that turns on which a Psalm is written. Crosses are popular too. For a naming ceremony an initial letter charm would be a good choice. There is a Fairy Godmother charm which is perfect to celebrate this wonderful bond between Godparent and Godchild.

We have a lovely range of toy charms to give children with a teddy bear with moving arms and legs. A rocking horse, a swing which features a little girl on a moving swing.

As teeth appear or fall out we have a range of fairies for the occasion. 

Each child will have a range of hobbies to celebrate. Dancing, music, sports... all can be celebrated in charms making the bracelet such a personal tale of this little girls life.

Then as she gets older the 18 and 21st charms can mark these special birthdays. Mortarboard charms are great to celebrate degrees. We have one which you can have engraved with the particular qualification she has achieved and the year to make an extra personal gift.

Engagement and marriage can be celebrated with a wide range of charms. Wedding Churches, Bells, Cakes all open to reveal the happy couple inside. 

And finally maybe, the cycle starts again and with the birth of a new baby you will be back to deciding which charm would be best to mark a new arrival.

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