For the man who has everything??

For the man who has everything??

I know this isn’t a new concept but the problem still persists: What do you buy men?? These days most men love gadgets but often they revel in buying these for themselves. I may have to wait for my birthday to receive these gifts but my husband needs the latest phone, laptop or gismo ‘for work’ leaving me bereft of ideas for birthdays, Christmas and anniversaries.

I hope I have the answer, and surprisingly, it is jewellery. Now some men do wear jewellery. It may be a wedding ring, or a chain given to them in for a 21st by their parents. Some men just don’t, but don’t assume this is because they won’t.

It maybe, that they just haven’t been given the right piece, yet!

I have had countless consultations with women wishing to buy something for their husbands and partners and the question they wrestle with is ‘will he wear it?’

Well I think there is a solution to this. If you want to have a sentimental piece of jewellery made, maybe featuring a handprint, footprint or fingerprint of your shared children then go ahead, take the risk. If you opt to buy it with an inexpensive leather neck cord then he has the choice to wear it straight away. Or if he looks awkwardly at you you could rescue him and suggest he pops it on his keyring as a fob or even attach it to a memory stick. The ball is in his court.

The other option is of course cufflinks. And again the wrangle, ‘but he doesn’t really wear them.'  Well I have found that although that may be true of many men, when big family events, do come up then it is the perfect time for a pair of personalised cufflinks to be taken out of storage and flashed about.

From my experience men are even more touched by these personal pieces of jewellery than women. Probably because they aren’t given that many shiny things in their lifetime and they are proud of their kids so these gifts combining the two are a winner. You must never underestimate how fond kids are of their prints too. They are always very pleased to be 'worn' by their parents.

So in summary, go for the personal touch. However, whenever and how often he chooses to wear your gift is up to him but he will treasure it always, I promise! There aren't that many things you can buy that have that value.

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