Choosing a Charm Bracelet.

Choosing a Charm Bracelet.

 When embarking on a new charm bracelet, whether it to be for yourself or a gift, there are a few factors to bear in mind.

If you are buying for a child who is less than six years old then the child sized charm bracelet is ideal.  For children older than this you might want to consider an adult bracelet depending on the size of the child. The Oval Belcher Bracelet and the Oval Belcher Charm Bracelet (draped over London Bus in photo) are good choices as they both have large links. These can be used to attach to the clasp and therefore shorten the bracelet. By choosing these bracelets you can safely give a bracelet to a child now that she will be able to wear through her teens and into adulthood.

When choosing a bracelet with a padlock or one without it is difficult to say which is best. It is a matter of personal preference. You could choose a cheaper bracelet, which would be less of a loss if it is lost or choose a more expensive bracelet with a padlock, which does tend to appeal to little girls, and then you do have the added security of the safety chain. In my experience charm bracelets are lost more often when they are taken off, and put in a ‘safe place,’ rather than falling off when they are worn.


If buying for an adult you will have to decide how you would like the charms to be attached. If you would like to choose the, ever popular, clip on clasp method then you can’t choose a link that is too thick. The Large Oval Belcher Bracelet is ideal (seen above with our household charms) The clip on clasp means you can take charms on and off with ease. There is however more risk of losing charms using this method. I don’t sell gold charms on these clasps as I feel the risk of losing them is too great.

If you would like the charms securely fastened with a jump ring and soldered shut then any of our charm bracelets would be perfect. For a modern look the Trace bracelet with a tog and ring fastening is a popular choice. Going for the soldered on method means that you can go for a thicker linked bracelet like the Trace Bracelet or the very pretty Large Double Curb Charm Bracelet.(As seen above draped over a Passport.)

 For any further advice, please get in touch, I am always happy to help.

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