Graduation and Celebration Charms

Graduation and Celebration Charms

It is the time of year when students are slogging away revising and doing their exams. All the years of study is culminating into one finally achievement Graduation. 

Graduation is such a momentous event as University life is coming to an end. These years where many students are lucky enough to live away from home for the first time in their lives, make entirely new friends and study a subject that they love are really Halcyon Days. Their Graduation is not just an academic reward but a testament to their survival on their own.

How to mark this time? Well of course as a purveyor of charms, a Graduation charm would be my first suggestion. The Mortarboard Charm is the obvious choice as these strange hats are worn by most graduating students, thrust into the air with zeal while parents try and capture the shot for posterity. We sell a Small Mortarboard charm which is popular in 9ct Yellow gold. It is a great addition to a charm bracelet or something nice to wear on a necklace on the Graduation Day and keep forever.  

We also have a Large Mortarboard Charm which can be worn as it is or for an extra special momento can be engraved with the year and the specific degree achieved, (Engraved Mortarboard Charm). These can be added to charm bracelets and necklaces but also are just large enough to add to key rings or memory sticks. They make great gifts that will be kept and treasured forever. A symbol of good times and hard work.

If you graduate in Scotland then I understand the Mortarboards are not really relevant. We do have a Graduation Scroll Charm which is also a fantastic symbol of the Graduation Day.

We also have some charms which represent university cities. We have the Bridge of Sighs, Radcliffe Camera and Tom Tower Charms for Oxford and Newton's Mathematical Bridge for Cambridge. Being local to Liverpool we have a beautiful Liver bird Charm. Other landmark charms can be found in our Travel Charm collection.

However you choose to celebrate the fantastic achievement of Graduation make sure you do it in style. Have fun!!

Engraved Mortarboard Charm

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