Charm Bracelets for Bridesmaids

Charm Bracelets for Bridesmaids

Gold Church Charm

When planning a wedding I know that you want everything to be perfect. Every detail has to be thought through and let's face it there are loads of those little details to be considered. You are trying to create a spectacular day with wonderful memories you and your wedding party can look back on.

Traditionally the job of at least presenting gifts to the bridesmaids is done by the groom. I would love to think that this post is going to be read by many 'grooms to be' looking for the perfect gift for the females of the wedding party. If that is you, then I take my hat off to you. Alas I fear that in most cases it is the bride that gets to sort this out as well as everything else. If you want him to sort it out, pass him in my direction and I can guide him a little on your behalf.

When faced with the task of gifts for your bridesmaids carefully consider a starting a charm bracelet. Whether your bridesmaids are children or your good friends it is a great time to invest in a bracelet with a charm that signifies your wedding. A wedding bell, rings or church charm for a traditional wedding. A love spoon for a celtic twist. Cupids, hearts or lovebirds the choice is yours. Whatever you choose, your bridesmaid will remember this special day whenever she looks at the charm. The added advantage you have as you can build on that bracelet, it becomes a bond between you. Each milestone and event in her life can be signified with a charm. Whether she is celebrating her first pair of glasses or her first born child you have a little gift you can give her to add to the charm bracelet and continue the story of your life together. 

Bridesmaid Charm Bracelet

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