Charm your lover this Valentines day

Charm your lover this Valentines day


 Gold I Love You Keys Charm

The big day looms ever closer, over hyped and over marketed. You may choose to ignore all the clammer about Valentine’s Day but maybe this year you do feel the need to express your love to a special someone.


Take inspiration from the past, the Victorians were big on the sentimental charm like gifts. They would love to give gifts of jewellery coyly hinting at their romantic feelings. Secret messages were encoded in gemstones Lapis Lazuli, Opal, Vermeil (old name for garnet) and Emerald would spell Love.


Valentines Day can be a time of secretive love. A set of keys with letters to open the lock to spell “I Love You” surely would unlock any girls heart. While a cryptic spinner is engraved with half the message over it’s two sides. Only when the disc spins is “I love you’ the message revealed.

Romantic charms and jewellery can of course be embellished with beautiful engravings of heartfelt feelings or just a lover’s name. In the fifties many would use the language of love, French to add a little romance, “Separes mais toujours unis” Separated but always together or “Le temps est plus precieux depuis que je vous aime” Time is more precious since I have you to love.” More exotic languages can be beautiful in the way they look, Engravings in Chinese or Hebrew somehow give more gravity to the meaning. How about a series of mystical numbers 38.03N,128.14W being the latitude and longitude of where you first met. There is a gorgeousness to hand engraving, it isn’t cheap but is always worth the splurge.


Traditional charms for Valentines would be Hearts, cupids, lovebirds and roses. Sometimes something more obscure might be more appropriate. Maybe a landmark symbolising the town where your love blossomed, a little animal may represent a pet name , maybe a lap top charm would be appropriate if you met online. These would be covert little messages between you and your lover.


If you are in throws of a new relationship or just feeling the need to confirm your adoration for the one you love I hope these ideas spur you on to invest in something special this year which really conveys the depth of your emotion and will last forever, as we hope all true love should.




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