Charms of the Month


Summer is here so we are looking to the beach with our Bucket and Spade Charms.

The Star sign for this month is Cancer the crab so these silver and gold charms are proving popular.

It is the time of Graduation and if you were looking for a special way to commemorate this fantastic achievement then look no further. Our 9ct Small Mortarboard charm and our Engraved Mortarboard Charms make the perfect gift.

Virgo Charm Virgo Charm
Virgo Charm


The virgo charm is for everyone born between August 28t...

Squirrel Charm Squirrel Charm
Squirrel Charm


This inquisitive little squirrel will look great on any...

Mushroom or Toadstool Charm Mushroom or Toadstool Charm

Toadstool or mushroom charm, a beautiful charm which w...

Rugby Ball Charm Rugby Ball Charm

A solid little rugby ball charm. An must for any rugger...

Engraved Mortarboard Charm Engraved Mortarboard Charm

This is the larger of our mortarboard charms and it will ...

Rugby Boot Charm Rugby Boot Charm

This rugby boot charm is a must for any rugger fanatic!...

Libra Charm Libra Charm
Libra Charm


The Libra Scales charm is for everyone born between Sep...

Gold Small Mortarboard Charm Gold Small Mortarboard Charm

This is the smaller of our mortarboard or Graduation Hat ...



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