My Best Christmas Charms, ideas and inspiration

Our top 15 Christmas Charms with ideas on who might like them and what they could represent, spreading a little Christmas magic. 

Christmas Tree Charm :This cut out charm has it’s branches laden down with little candles and nice big star on the top. It’s design is quite contemporary. I always think that two of these would make perfect Christmas earrings.

 Gold Christmas Tree CharmChristmas Tree Fairy CharmFairy on Bauble charm

Fairy Charms: So you may not choose a star but adorn the top of your tree with a little fairy with a wand. Bring the Christmas magic to the little girls in the family with this magical charm. Or choose our Cheeky little fairy seen above sitting on a bauble.

Father Christmas Charm: I always think of Father Christmas as being the European version of this red cloaked, bearded Christmas favourite. This vintage style charm has him wearing a long red cloak and carries a huge sack which opens to reveal a teddy bear inside.

Santa CharmFather Christmas Charm


Christmas Stocking Charm: This little stocking symbolises the excitement for hanging a stocking on Christmas eve and awaiting it to be magically filled with presents the next morning. 

Santa Charm: This fatter more American (in my eyes version of Father Christmas) is a solid chubby little fellow.

Star Charm: I always this is the perfect First Christmas gift. If you are starting a charm bracelet for a new member to your family, consider this as a reminder of their Noel. Perfect as it doesn’t look so out of place all year round.

 Christmas Star CharmChristmas Angel CharmChristmas cracker charm

Angel Charm: To symbolise spreading the message of peace and goodwill at Christmas this cut out angel charm is the perfect addition to a charm bracelet.

Christmas Cracker Charm: When the table is laid and decorated with Christmas fayre the crackers are the visual centre of everyone’s place setting and provides much of the fun that follows, the hats, the jokes, the games.. If you are a fan of these cracking surprises this could be the charm for you.

Mistletoe Charm: What better charm to gift to the one you love and let them know your Christmas intentions. If you are after a smooch under the mistletoe, this could be the love token to give this year.

Snowflake Charm and Snowflake Cluster Charms: If snowflakes are kisses then blow me a blizzard! These snowflake charms are beautifully intricate and symbolise Snow, Winter, Christmas and Kisses. They are perfect for Christmas gift and Winter Birthdays.

Snowflake cluster charm Snowflake charmChristmas elf charm

Elf Charm: Often the unsung heroes of Christmas, The Christmas Elf should not be forgotten. This charm would be a lovely thank you gift to the elves in your family who put in the effort to make the season magical in your home.

Donkey Charm: Always in my mind a symbol of the Christmas Nativity, this little donkey enjoys a carrot and is the perfect reminder to your child’s participation in Christmas school plays. 

Angel Wing: This beautiful charm is delicately detailed and in my mind can be used to signify those who aren’t there to celebrate with you this year. Amongst all the festivities it is sometimes hard when a loved one is no longer with us and a little charm to add to a piece of jewellery can give a lot of comfort.

 Angel wing charmFairy Godmother charm

Fairy Godmother: This pantomime favourite is a perfect gift for you God daughter at Christmas.

All our charms are available in sterling silver and 9ct Yellow Gold, 9ct White Gold, 9ct Rose Gold and 18ct Yellow Gold.

Silver charms can be ordered: as they are: with a clip on clasp or with a carrier bead to fit on to Pandora or Troll bracelets.

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